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By identifying resources from public and private agencies, we work diligently to find services and programs that best suit the individual needs of clients.

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To begin this process, complete our Admissions Interest Form so that we can help you decide the best solution for your specific goals.

If you would like to refer an individual other than yourself, enter your own name and contact information on the same form, then we will contact you directly to discuss your referral and how to proceed with an evaluation.


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Inclement Weather Policy

For the safety of our clients and staff, each Creative Enterprises campus will follow the practice of the local county schools with respect to closure or delayed opening for hazardous road conditions.

County school websites typically have closing announcements:

These local news stations also provide information about school closings:

Service Calendar for All Campuses

The following is a list of scheduled events including days closed for client services.

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No classes on the above days or during the noted hours
2023 Days Event
Jan 16 Mon Inservice for Staff, Closed to Clients
Mar 31 Fri Inservice for Staff, Closed to Clients
Apr 20 Thu Community Garden Plant Sale
May 29 Mon Memorial Day
Jun 19 Fri Inservice for Staff, Closed to Clients

Forms for All Campus Locations

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Other Topics


If you do not see a form that you need, or have trouble viewing or printing a PDF document, please Contact Us for assistance.

[online] forms can be completed directly in your web browser and are instantly sent to us when you click the “Submit” button.

[pdf] forms can be completed either on your computer or by hand. After completion, send the form to us by:

  • emailing a digital copy to:, or
  • bring the form to one of our Campus locations, or
  • mail a copy by US Postal Service to the address at the bottom of this page.

All Online Forms

Lists the full collection of Creative Enterprises (corporate) Online Forms.

Follow the links below for individual campus forms.

Reference Material for All Campuses

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