About Creative Enterprises

Incorporated as a not-for-profit 501 (c)(3) Community Rehabilitation Program in 1979, we provide Employment opportunities along with social and life skills training to individuals with disabilities. This is accomplished through on and off-site work training, job placement assistance, educational programs and community involvement events; along with a variety of additional resources.

Creativity has been the cornerstone of our operations defining our culture of providing a wide spectrum of programs and services that allow persons with disabilities, and other barriers to employment, the opportunities to explore a variety of offerings that fulfill, challenge and encourage them to excel.

Our Mission

Creative Enterprises helps individuals maximize their potential and shine with their own unique creativity. Our programs and services are diverse and allow for individual personal growth, along with the opportunity to explore options that might otherwise be unavailable to persons with disabilities.

Our Values

We accept each other for our own unique individual contributions while providing a caring environment where persons with disabilities can feel safe and connected. Utilizing “Shift Happens” principles, we use the three pronged approach of keeping people engaged at all times, developing caring relationships with each individual, and using lavish praise and positive reinforcement as a proactive behavior management strategy to reduce negative behaviors.  

Those we serve come first

Needs, Safety, and Growth towards individual hopes and dreams are the foundations of our purpose. We challenge and encourage individuals to excel, and to be proud of themselves and their accomplishments.

Respect for all persons

All individuals, with all levels of abilities are treated with respect and appreciation. Communication is the key to this successful model, and achieved through honest dialog regarding expectations, goals and accomplishments.

Choose your attitude

Praise and positive reinforcement leads to success, inspiration, personal productivity and increased self-esteem for all individuals including staff members.

Provide excellence in service

A success driven staff with high moral character and integrity is paramount to providing excellent services, which represents the essence of our team. Exemplary work ethic and individual accountability defines our success.