Gwinnett Campus

Creative Enterprises does not provide our own van service but we are pleased to help you with arrangements; for more information please contact LaTrecia directly or leave a message on the ride cancellation number and she will call you back.

Effective July 1, 2021, Deanna Specialty took over the transportation contract previously held by Viewpoint Health. Deanna Specialty plans to keep the current subcontractors (van drivers) in place, however, they may need to make some changes. If changes will occur to your route or van driver, Deanna Specialty will contact you prior to the pick-up of your individual. 

Gwinnett Commercial Van Rider No-Show Policy

The van will only wait 5 minutes at your house. If your individual does not come to the van promptly they will leave and charge a no-show fee.

If you need to cancel a ride, you must contact Creative Enterprises at least three hours prior to the scheduled ride by using the form below or by calling our ride cancellation number: 770-545-6000. We cannot cancel for you on shorter notice as we need to assure timely contact to Deanna Specialty.

The sooner you can cancel a ride the better. If we do not hear from you at least three hours in advance of scheduled pick-up time, we will charge a no-show fee.

You must pay any no-show fee to us within 3 days for your individual to continue van transportation after that date. You may send the cancel charge in with your individual or make an Urgent Payment

If you do not pay the no-show fee Creative is still billed for the charge and it reduces the transportation budget for all the individuals that we serve.

Please help us keep unnecessary transportation costs down by following these guidelines to eliminate no-show fees.

Gwinnett Commercial Van Rider Cancellation Form

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