Personal Development

Day Habilitation 

Designed for those persons with disabilities for whom working is not an option, our Day Habilitation program focuses on daily living skills and recreation activities to keep individuals engaged and productive on their own individual pace.

Individualized Guidance


Our Staff works with each individual to identify their personal goals, then designs a plan to help achieve these goals. Working independently along with their coach, they decide for themselves which educational, vocational or leisure activities best suit their interest and abilities. In turn, our staff is always working to develop exciting classes and activities to keep everyone engaged in learning and developing useful skills for their daily living and socialization.

Nutritional Health


Our Nutrition classes teach individuals how to develop healthy eating habits. Basic food preparation and care are taught along with kitchen safety. Our cooking classes feature a different dish each week, and help give individuals the satisfaction of knowing how to eat healthy and take care of their dietary needs … and have fun preparing food like the chefs on TV.


Everyone enjoys the benefits of exercise, and at their own pace individuals learn how important exercise is for living a healthy life style. Additionally, they learn the importance of exercising safely, and also how to perform muscle stretches before engaging in physical activities.

A broad range of exercise techniques and sport activities is taught; from basic calisthenics to yoga and dance. Our goal is to expose individuals to a diverse range of activities to help them develop healthy choices to keep themselves physically fit.

Art Program

Art Program

Taught by professional artists, individuals in our art classes enjoy expressing themselves through clay work, painting, drawing, and other media. Works made by artists in our program are regularly featured in galleries and art shows all around the community. Our artists also have the opportunity to sell their works and earn a profit.

Follow this link to discover more about our artists and their works Our Art Program.

Educational Opportunities

Our classrooms are designed to help individuals learn reading, writing, math, and a variety of other subjects of interest at their own individual ability level. We provide resources and instructors to assist in the guidance of these studies, and monitor each one’s success. These classes are part of the over-all balanced curriculum established to give persons exposure to many skills needed for life, work and social engagement.


Volunteers from the community also bring their experiences to the classrooms, which opens a treasure chest of educational fun. Perhaps you have creative talents, or have traveled to distant lands, or maybe you have a unique hobby – even professional careers are of high interest to individuals in our educational programs … so please Volunteer … you will be richly rewarded with much gratitude and appreciation.

To Share Your Life Experiences, please Volunteer