Client Employment

Employment Services are designed to assist individuals with disabilities to prepare for, find, and maintain jobs in the community. These services are available to individuals referred through the Georgia Department of Labor Vocational Rehabilitation Program, Georgia’s NOW and COMP Medicaid waiver programs, and those with private funding. Please visit our Services Summary page for a full listing of services.

Classroom Training

Several employment readiness classes are offered to facilitate learning in a small group environment under the supervision of our staff. Classes include Job Readiness, Personal & Social Adjustment, and Employment Skills Training.

Contract Services

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Our Production Facility provides a wide range of light industrial services for local businesses, including packaging, kit assembly, parts assembly, sealing, labeling, collating, and many other types of production labor. 

The local business community is paramount to this endeavor. Our production facility staff members provide constant supervision, training, and strict adherence to quality control measures to ensure that our business customers not only receive a good value, but also a great product.

Please Contact Us for more information abut our competitive rates and job sourcing.

Community Employment Enclaves

Under supervision and training from our employment coaching staff, we transport individuals to work at local businesses that partner with us for on-site labor.

Our enclave partner businesses have been so impressed with the quality of work received, that many have hired our clients to work directly for them. Employment enclaves can be established in many different settings, including retail businesses, restaurants, offices, and workshops. We transport clients to each business and provide supervision, training and quality control.

Please Contact Us for more information abut our Enclave Employment Partnership.