Our Art Program allows our artists to express themselves through numerous types of mediums. Many of the masterpieces created here have been displayed and sold in art galleries, libraries, and at local community events.

As our artists gain experience, they become true folk artists and many are able to supplement their limited income with their art. For people whose disabilities prevent them from working, earning income from doing something they love enhances their quality of life. One of our talented artists was featured in Gwinnett Magazine describing his life at Creative Enterprises and the personal successes he has achieved participating in our programs. Read the full article here.

Another unique component of our Art Program is our Creative Acts of Kindness campaign; which allows our artist to create mini works of art that are openly given to persons in the community whom have demonstrated random acts of kindness. In addition, we hide these little treasures in public areas to instill excitement in the finders.

Be on the lookout for these hidden treasures, AND please let us know when you find one by posting to our Facebook page with: #creativeactsofkindness 

Art for Sale

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         Forsyth (Cumming): Numbers | Hours | Directions

Many of the masterpieces created by our artists are for sale. You can see them displayed throughout our campus buildings, including our Greenhouse. Come on by and select your favorite piece; even meet the artists – you will be glad you did!

Periodic art shows and events are displayed on our Calendar of Events – check frequently as venues are constantly being updated.


We are in constant need of supplies to help support individuals that choose to explore their creativity through art expression. For a list of common items needed, please see our Art Department Wish List .