Hub Class

Hub is kind of like home room in high school. In normal times, about 10 each of the people we serve meet daily after arrival in many Hubs to check in with their Hub Instructor, review their schedule for rest of the day and, of course, to socialize a bit with their friends. Hub provides stability and routine and helps everyone get ready to take on their day.

During the Coronavirus pandemic we have only one Hub daily, open to everyone in our program, and it is often the best-attended online class of the day. The Hub is also where Coronasaurus Rex appears frequently to remind everyone how to stay stafe during the pandemic.

Here are some moments from the class:



Be everything you can be, and most of all BE KIND ...
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Meet Coronasaurus Rex

Coronosaurus Rex came out of dinosaur extinction to advocate for our clients helping empower them to have responsibility for their ...
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