Do you have a story to tell; about your career, about a hobby you have, maybe an award you received?

  • Are you in the armed services, or maybe a Veteran?
  • Are you a public service provider; police officer, firefighter, waste management, EMS responder?
  • Are you an athlete?
  • Can you teach us to line-dance?
  • Have you traveled to exciting places?
  • Do you have a unique pet?
  • Can you perform balloon sculpturing?
  • Do you make hats, or perhaps fly kites – maybe hang-glide?

These are but a few of the suggestions for classes that teach individuals about the amazing world around us. One of the best ways to experience the joy of giving is to teach a class; One Time, Once a Week, or maybe Once a Month. Please Contact Us and our Service Coordinator will help schedule a time that best suits your availability.