Survey Results

Surveys from Stakeholders are performed annually to ensure our values are perceived as intended. High satisfaction ratings are key indicators that we are meeting expectations concerning Respect of Personal Rights, Health & Safety, Choice of Classes and Activities, Personal Services, and overall Satisfaction. As demonstrated in the most current survey results below, we continue to excel in our program delivery – as promised!

We survey all our stakeholders annually to make sure we’re delivering the best service possible, and the latest survey results show we’re accomplishing our goals.

Client satisfaction is a key indicator of how our clients feel about the programs and environment at Creative Enterprises. The survey results show overwhelmingly positive results in every area measured: Rights respected, health/safety, client choice of classes and activities in which they can participate, personal services, and overall satisfaction. The overall “very satisfied” or “satisfied” result is 90.15%.

Parent or caregiver satisfaction levels are also very high. In every area measured, 100% of the results were “very satisfied” or “satisfied.”

Staff satisfaction levels show very encouraging results, and we’re making some changes to push those levels even higher. Because we had more “satisfied” responses than “very satisfied” in the communication and health/safety areas, we’ve changed the way we inform staff of schedule updates; we also have begun using a group text-message platform that gets information out to all staff more quickly. We’re also reviewing health and safety policies to make sure we’re doing everything possible to keep everyone healthy. Even though the survey shows 100% of responses were either “very satisfied” or “satisfied,” we want to make those “very satisfied” responses go up in the next survey.

Our goal is for Creative Enterprises to improve the lives of everyone we work with—our clients, our staff and the families and caregivers of our clients. While we’re very gratified by the results of this survey, we’re never going to stop looking for ways to improve.