Employment Services at Creative Enterprises are designed to assist individuals with disabilities to prepare for, find, and maintain a job in the community. Those interested in learning new skills as they work and earn a paycheck will find a world of opportunities at Creative Enterprises. These services are available to individuals referred through the Georgia Department of Labor Vocational Rehabilitation Program, Georgia’s NOW and COMP Medicaid waiver programs, and those with private funding. Please visit our Referrals & Admissions page for more information as well as a full listing of services.

Classroom Training

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Several classes are offered to facilitate learning in a small group environment under the supervision of our staff. Classes include Job Readiness, Personal & Social Adjustment, and Employment Skills Training in several different areas.

Contract Services

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We are always looking for companies interested in contracting their work to CEI. Our workshop staff provide constant supervision, training, and strict quality control. Clients at CEI perform a wide range of tasks, including parts assembly, packaging, sealing, labeling, collating, and any other type of labor your company would like to outsource. We offer competitive pricing and strict quality control along with the ability to complete a large variety of jobs. Whether it is a one-time job or a long-term contract, CEI is willing to meet your needs. Please contact Randy Harris at 770-962-3908 for more information.

Community Employment Enclaves

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We transport individuals to work under the supervision and training of our staff at local businesses that we have partnered with.

Contact us about establishing an employment enclave for our clients.  We will transport a group of clients to work at your business along with our own dedicated staff to provide supervision, training, and quality control.  Eliminate the turnover costs from constantly hiring and training part-time workers.  With our employment enclaves, we ensure that you receive quality work at a low cost.  Our enclave partner businesses have been so impressed with the quality of work that they have hired our clients to work directly for them. Employment enclaves can be established in many different settings, including retail businesses, offices, and workshops.

Job Placement

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Our staff can cover all aspects of employment readiness, placement, training, coaching, and supported employment throughout the community. We offer a variety of paid work, both on-site and in the community, under the training and supervision of our staff. We also have several classroom trainings to teach the skills and work habits needed for success.

Our placement staff has a proven track record, with a retention rate of over 90% for job placements!