Personal Development


Gail Green leads the Day Habilitation program, designed for those individuals for whom working is not an option or choice. Housed in its own building, the focus of the program is daily living skills and recreational activities.

Individualized Guidance


Our staff works with each client individually to identify their personal goals and design a plan to achieve them. Clients autonomously work towards achieving their goals, deciding for themselves which educational, vocational, or leisure activities they will participate in. In turn, our staff is always working to develop exciting classes and activities to keep every person we serve engaged in learning and developing useful skills for their daily living and socialization.

Nutritional Health


Our Nutrition class teaches individuals how to eat right through healthy food selection and eating habits. Clients proceed to learn the basics of food preparation and how to safely use kitchen implements and appliances.

Our Cooking classes feature a different dish each week, and ultimately give our clients the satisfaction of knowing how to eat healthy and take care of their dietary needs!



Our Fitness classes let everyone enjoy the benefits of exercise at their own pace! Clients learn the importance of exercise to living a healthy life, as well as the importance of exercising safely by performing muscle stretches before engaging in physical activity.

We teach a broad range of exercise and sport, from basic calisthenics to yoga and dance. Our goal is to expose our clients to a diverse range of activities in the hopes they will find healthy activities to keep themselves physically fit!

Art Program

Art Program2 (Head)

Taught by professional artists, individuals in our art class enjoy expressing themselves through clay work, painting, drawing, and other media. Works made by artists in our program are regularly featured in galleries and art shows all over the Atlanta area. Our artists also have the opportunity to sell their works and earn a profit!

Click here to learn more about our art program, and see some of the galleries our clients have created!

Educational Opportunities


Individuals work and learn at their own pace in our classes on reading, writing, math, and other subjects. We provide resources and instructors to assist in tutoring our clients in their subjects of interest.

Given the prevalence of computers in our everyday and vocational lives, we believe it is important for our clients to have the opportunity to learn basic computer skills. Every classroom at Creative Enterprises has a computer, featuring the most recent productivity and educational software.

Community Integration



We want our clients to develop and maintain their sense of belonging and connection to the community. We regularly host events in which family, friends and other members of the community are welcome to attend. Our intent is to encourage and assist our clients in developing relationships and making friends with other individuals outside of our program!



With a large selection of outings offered every month, we work hard to make sure that the people we serve have the opportunity to experience the same activities as any other member of the community. Popular outings include bowling, picnics, plays at the Aurora Theatre, the circus, concerts, restaurants, movies, shopping and many others!

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Community Service


In addition to our normal day programs and events, we also strive to give our clients opportunities to participate in community service programs. As we are beneficiaries of many community service efforts, so too do we try to instill the importance of giving back and feeling productive by being an active participant in serving the community. This includes everything from helping out with community events to fulfilling basic civic duties such as voting in state and local elections!