Cat Shelter (Head)

The Creative Enterprises Cat Shelter is open to the public, offering cats and kittens for adoption. We house up to twenty cats and kittens in our fully licensed animal shelter (GA License # A341). Our Cat Shelter provides a supportive training environment for the people we serve to work, learn, and earn a paycheck under the supervision of our staff.

The CEI Cat Shelter began in 2001 when we started seeing a number of feral cats on our premises. Many of our staff and clients were concerned the animals were starving. We realized that feeding them would encourage them to stay and we would be irresponsible if we did not make sure they were healthy and unable to reproduce. Because the original cats were wild, we began trapping them, taking them to the vet for vaccinations, having them spayed or neutered and releasing them. Some of them had kittens that we tamed and found homes for them. Being located geographically close to the county animal shelter allowed us to work with them on a limited basis. As our need to adopt out additional cats grew, we developed a relationship with the Society For Humane Friends of Georgia, a local animal rescue group.

The challenge for every organization looking for people to adopt animals is to find the funding to take care of them until a home can be found. Any animal owner knows that there are ongoing costs in having an animal in terms of providing food and veterinary care. There is also a time commitment involved in developing a loving relationship with an animal. We need volunteers who are willing to provide their time and resources so that we can have loving, healthy and adoptable animals. We are fortunate to have some of the most committed and caring volunteers along with some wonderful veterinarians.

Adoption Fee

The cost is $50 per adoption.

Additional Information

Call JoAnna Cox at 678-300-4765

Hours and Location

Please click here for hours and an interactive map!

Parking is available in front of our main office and in designated spots along the fence line of the greenhouse entrance. Enter through the Greenhouse and ask one of our staff or volunteers to direct you to the Cat Shelter.