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Last night one of our very own staff, Joanna Cox, won the Civitan International Servant’s Heart Award.

She has worked with adults with disabilities for 30 years. Currently, she runs our commercial greenhouse at Creative Enterprises. There, she teaches our individuals how to plant, care, and display all of our beautiful plants available for purchase. However, she has done so much more than just start the greenhouse program and continue to have it flourish. She took over two other programs at Creative that needed direction. The first was our cat shelter. She made it an environment where our individuals can release stress by petting the cats or they can help care for the cats by feeding and cleaning their litter boxes. The other program was our community service. Most of the people who need the hours are court ordered. She does a great job figuring out what those people can do to help better Creative’s property and environment that will also benefit the people we serve. Joanna works hard each day and comes to work with a plan in mind and follows through. She has created multiple networking opportunities between local businesses and our program. Because of her connections, she has been able to acquire multiple donations in times of need. She has been instrumental in getting jobs in the community for many of our individual’s and she has been able to recruit multiple volunteers to help with our programs. Joanna is a long-term supporter of Special Olympics. When she knows that an individual wants to participate but doesn’t have the means or transportation to do so, she somehow makes it happen for them. Joanna has one of the biggest servant’s heart and always puts individuals before herself. Her life has been dedicated to working with these guys and she truly sees it as a blessing. She is a constant role model to not only our individuals and other individuals in the community but to all our staff and parents as well.
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These happy smiles on our new swing were only made possible through #CreativeActsofKindness by our community. Cash donations were generously provided by Primerica. Concrete was poured by North Metro First Baptist Church, and the swing construction was performed by Professional Industrial Construction. Seeing people like Stephanie ride this for the first time was incredibly heartwarming. This swing has brought so much joy already, and we cannot wait to see the happiness it brings in the future.
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This week is about celebrating the dedication and accomplishments of our amazing direct support professionals and their contribution to Creative Enterprises. Through their dedicated efforts, each one of our direct support professionals empowers our individuals to live a more independent and meaningful life. They are passionate about what they do and care about the clients as if they were family. Staff want to see these individuals exceed and meet all of their goals. Therefore, they are constantly coming up with new ways for everyone to succeed, whether it be in their jobs or in the classroom. Direct support staff show #CreativeActsofKindness each and every day. Thank you for all that you do! Creative would not be the same without you. #WhatTheyTeachUs
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Ace Hardware and Lawrenceville Woman’s Club are just a couple of organizations in our community that have shown #CreativeActsofKindness. During the entire month of August, Creative Enterprises hosted a supply drive for clients who may not be able to provide various supplies for the upcoming year. Countless items were donated including hand sanitizer, dry erase markers, notebook paper, lunchboxes, water bottles, first aid kits and so much more! Ace Hardware on Buford Drive and Johnny’s Pizza on Sugarloaf Parkway were generous enough to keep donation boxes in their stores throughout the month. The clients were eager to start using their new supplies, so they decided to make posters to show their appreciation. This would not have been possible without the support of our community. Thank you to everyone who donated! #WhatTheyTeachUs
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We went to Watkinsville to see the OCAF pottery show. Various artists in our program said they were inspired by the pottery they saw and pointed out some of their favorite pieces.
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On an outing today, our clients got to have the experience of picking cotton. You don’t see many cotton fields anymore so this was a rare and retro outing.
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